I love to build startups fast. It’s in the blood. [Radical SR3 race car]

5 things about Peter Saddington:

  1. Perennial entrepreneur and VC - I build out of passion. In invest in persistence and resilience.

  2. Agile software development - My superpower is scaling startups with Agile/Scrum.

  3. Author and consultant - I teach and train individuals and organizations to be their best.

  4. Bitcoin - I’ve been building in the cryptocurrency space since 2016 and first invested in 2011.

  5. YouTuber - Video all the things. Join my journey!

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I love to muse, engage with the community, and share what I know. It’s not perfect, but it’ll always be authentic. #radicaltransparency

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In 2005 I built my first company to acquisition. Now I’m an experienced operator and VC. It’s time to give back!


  • 4x Founder & VC - Check my LinkedIn.

  • Read my Peter Saddington User Manual – If you work with me or if you’re one of my investments. You need to read how I operate so you can get the most out of me.

  • Author of The Agile Pocket Guide (Wiley 2012) & Gravity – How to Create an Irresistible Brand, Unlimited Deal Flow, and Infinite Possibilities (2020 Self Publish)

  • Agile Coach & Certified Scrum Trainer – I love to teach Agile and Scrum to a global audience!

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Serving others is my jam! I love teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching others to be the best human they can be!

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Life is a dance.

ps. People always wanna know what cryptos I’m into. I tweeted it.

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4x Founder & VC | Certified Scrum Trainer | Agile & Bitcoin OG | Racing Dad